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The Bajorans are from the planet Bajor in the Alpha Quadrant and a current member of the United Federation of Planets. For fifty years their planet was occupied by the Cardassian Union were all manor of atrocities were visited upon them by the Cardassians. A once peaceful people the Bajorans began a campaign of Terrorism against the Cardassians and in 2366 were finally able to force the Cardassians from their homeworld. For the next seven years the Federation assisted the Bajoran is rebuilding their world and getting them prepared for membership in the Federation, this effort was centered on the former Cardassian Space Station Terok Nor, later renamed Deep Space Nine by the Federation. Under the command of Benjamin Sisko this station became a very important strategic location after the discovery of the Bajoran Wormhole leading to the Gamma Quadrant and later during the Dominion War where the Bajoran Sector was often the center of major activity in the War on both sides.

Originally the Bajorans where an independent faction witin the game of Star Trek: Attack Wing, but in the 2017 Second Edition Rules the Bajorans where merged with the Federation as a Sub-Faction to allow the Bajoran to be better utilized within the game.


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