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Game On - Star Trek Attack Wing "Apnex" Ship-1384975740

Game On - Star Trek Attack Wing "Apnex" Ship-1384975740

A muon is a short-lived subatomic particle classified as a lepton. If a muon feedback beam was initiated while a full intensity power transfer was being conducted, a buildup of muons would develop in the warp core. If that ship was to then go to warp speed, the warp engines would explode.


A ship with a Muon Token assigned to it follows these special rules:

1. A Muon Token stays with a ship until it is removed.

2. During the Activation Phase, after the ship moves, the ship takes damage to its Hull equal to the number of its current Maneuver -1. The type of Maneuver does not matter, just the number.

3. After the ship performs a Green or White Maneuver, it can spend an action to remove the Muon Token.


See Muon Feedback Wave (Cost 4)