*USS Equinox (20)
Class Nova Class
Faction Federation
Included in USS Equinox Expansion / Wave 3
Release Date February 2014

Forward Arc: 90° Rear Arc: 90°
Firepower Weapon Value 2
Agility Agility Value 2
Hull Hull Value 3
Shields Shield Value 3
Special Rules
ACTION: Disable 1 of your Active Shields. During the End Phase this round, repair all of your damaged Shields.

Battle StationsTarget LockEvasive ManeuversScan
Upgrade Slots
Tech Upgrade 1 Tech
Weapon 1 Weapons
Crew 2 Crew

The USS Equinox is a Nova-class science vessel. This type of vessel is used by the Federation for planetary research. The Nova-class, though not designed for combat, typically has enough weaponry to hold its own in many battle situations.

Brought into the Delta Quadrant by the "Caretaker," Captain Rudolph Ransom and the crew of the USS Equinox found themselves seeking the only way home they could find to get home. They encountered an alien life form and by accident found that the remains of these creatures could augment their warp drive substantially. The Crew believed that they could murder these creatures and use them to make their way back to the Alpha Quadrant. The aliens fought back against the genocide, though, putting up a constant fight and continually weakening the Equinox's defenses. Eventually the Equinox was rescued by the USS Voyager, but the crew never gave up their "secret war" against the aliens and tried to take over and destroy the Voyager during their attempt to overcome the aliens.

USS Equinox - Nova Class (Federation Starship)


  • Federation
  • Cost: 20
  • Primary Weapons: 2
  • Agility: 2
  • Hull Value: 3
  • Shield Value: 3
  • Action: Disable 1 of your Active Shields. During the End Phase this round, repair all of your damaged Shields.
  • Evasive Maneuvers Target Lock Scan Battle Stations
  • Tech Weapon Upgrade Crew Upgrade Crew Upgrade

Pack Contents

Captain Upgrade

Crew Upgrades

Tech Upgrade

? Upgrades

Secondary Weapons

Scenario Mission

Pack Contents Breakdown

  • 1 USS Equinox/Nova-class Pre-painted Miniature
  • 1 Plastic Base
  • 2 Plastic Pegs
  • 1 Ship Token
  • 1 Maneuver Dial
  • 5 Action Tokens:
    • 1 Evade Token
    • 1 Scan Token
    • 1 Battle Stations Token
    • 1 Red Target Lock Token
    • 1 Blue Target Lock Token
  • 3 Shield Tokens
  • 1 Critical Hit Token
  • 1 Auxiliary Power Token
  • 2 Disabled Upgrade Tokens
  • 6 Captain ID Tokens
  • 2 Effect Tokens
  • 2 Ship Cards
  • 1 Maneuver Card
  • 3 Captain Cards
  • 5 Upgrade Cards
  • 2 Mission Cards

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